There has been a lot of talk about our new CEREC machine which allows us to provide same day CEREC crowns, but what is it that makes this technology so wonderful?

No unpleasantries

Well, for starters, there are no unpleasant moulds or impressions to be taken of your mouth prior to the shaping of your tooth. The CEREC technology allows us to take 3D imaging of your teeth and bite using and intraoral camera. Once these 3D images are taken, they are transferred to the computer where your crown is designed specifically to your mouth, which is made in house there and then. This therefore means that we no longer have to send you home with a ‘temporary’ tooth, you can be sent home with your brand new, strong, permanent tooth!

Cutting-edge technology

Once the designs are complete, this information is then sent from the computer software to the CEREC milling machine. In this step, your tooth is milled out of a ceramic block which can take only 10 minutes. Meanwhile, you get to have a rest in the comfy dentist chair and watch television or read a magazine. Once your new crown is made, we try it in to make sure the fit is correct and send it back off to the furnace. Again, this gives you time to sit back and relax.

Easy and Efficient

Once complete, it is inserted like a normal crown, cemented in place and adjusted to suit your bite if required. All of this happens in the space of approximately two hours.

To get an even better understanding of this process, follow the link to watch the video.

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